Buenos Aires Airport

Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Buenos Aires, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by :
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
AR1245 on X/05/2019
AR1263 on X/05/2019
QR8157 on X/05/2019
AV217 on X/05/2019
G37681 on X/05/20194mn
ZP821 on X/05/20197mn
AR1464 on X/05/20192mn
AU2600 on X/05/20198mn
AR1304 on X/05/201916mn
AR1268 on X/04/201917mn
4M7866 on X/04/20192mn
AR1248 on X/04/20194mn
LA532 on X/04/201917mn
AR1256 on X/04/20193mn
AR1290 on X/04/20194mn
AU2232 on X/04/20193mn
4M7821 on X/04/2019
LH510 on X/04/2019
CM454 on X/04/2019
AR1140 on X/04/20191mn
QR774 on X/04/201914mn
AR1302 on X/04/20196mn
5X416 on X/03/2019
ES8569 on X/03/2019
G37648 on X/03/2019
JJ8010 on X/03/2019
AU2263 on X/03/2019
AR1287 on X/03/2019
LH8250 on X/03/2019
AR1245 on X/03/2019
AD8766 on X/03/2019
LA465 on X/03/2019
JJ8126 on X/03/2019
CM363 on X/03/2019
G37648 on X/03/2019
KL701 on X/03/2019
XL1449 on X/03/2019
UA819 on X/03/2019
LA455 on X/03/2019
AR1501 on X/03/2019
G37672 on X/03/2019
JJ8014 on X/03/2019
DL101 on X/03/2019
4M7821 on X/03/2019
CM454 on X/03/2019
LP2467 on X/03/2019
AA907 on X/03/2019
DI7505 on X/03/2019
LA443 on X/03/2019
AR1896 on X/03/2019
IB6849 on X/03/2019
AU7604 on X/03/2019
AR1873 on X/03/2019
AR1273 on X/03/2019
G37650 on X/02/2019
JJ8122 on X/02/2019
AM30 on X/02/2019
JJ8014 on X/02/2019
AR1821 on X/02/2019
AD8766 on X/02/2019
4M7821 on X/01/2019
AD8766 on X/01/2019
AR1501 on X/01/2019
AM28 on X/01/2019
UA819 on X/01/2019
G37690 on X/01/2019
G37650 on X/01/2019
OB708 on X/01/2019
JJ9462 on X/01/2019
LA465 on X/01/2019
G37650 on X/01/2019
DL101 on X/01/2019
AF228 on X/01/2019
AA931 on X/01/2019
UX41 on X/01/2019
JJ8008 on X/01/2019
BA245 on X/01/2019
AA997 on X/01/2019
IB6841 on X/01/2019
IB7505 on X/01/2019
AR1241 on X/01/2019
AR1223 on X/01/2019
OB708 on X/01/2019
KL702 on X/12/2018
OB708 on X/12/2018
G37688 on X/12/2018
G37690 on X/12/2018
LA445 on X/12/2018
AR1241 on X/12/2018
AA992 on X/12/19691h33mn
AA954 on X/12/19697h52mn
IB6844 on X/12/196924mn
AR1302 on X/12/196916mn
AM29 on X/12/19694mn
4M7820 on X/12/196913h2mn
Weather in Buenos Aires

Humidity : 71%
Wind : NNW at 13km/h
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